Modern Erotic Pin-Up Paintings

by Kursty Jones

  • Close up of a Mrs Jones canvas
  • Close up of a Mrs Jones canvas
  • Close up of a Mrs Jones canvas

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Inspired by the subtle sexiness of the pin-up girls of the 1940s and 50s, the woodcuts of Eric Gill, who simplified form, and the talented silhouette artists of the 18th and 19th centuries, my work could be described as modern erotic pin-up paintings.

An almost life-size female figure is carved by hand from tactile rubber, known for its erotic associations, and lines are carefully cut into the smooth rubber surface to add definition to the form. A slip of the knife, however, means each and every figure is unique, just as every woman is. The figure, named Mrs Jones, is always naked apart from perhaps a ribbon or blindfold. She is bound by choice, not by force. She is an erotic figure, part imagination, part truth.

Mrs Jones is mounted onto acrylic-painted box canvas. Large patterns, bright colours, limited palettes and subtle symbolism are used. Sometimes Mrs Jones blends into the background while at other times she stands alone, demanding to be seen, akin to her longing to seduce yet at the same time longing to be seduced.

The overall design does not come together until 4 paintings are finished, each taking elements from the other. The four ladies are cut and only then will I know what suggestive sentiment Mrs Jones wishes to convey, whether of a 'desperate housewife' or a self assured individual.

My work is born from desire. The desire to express thoughts, needs, fantasies and secrets. The unspoken, socially incorrect things we all think about but never voice. Always erring on the wrong side of right. In fact, to look upon Mrs Jones is to glimpse a part of me.