Glossary of Terms

This is my own personal take on an erotic glossary. It is by no means a definitive list, as there are simply thousands of erotic terms, abbreviations and descriptions out there, some relating to erotic art, some not, and that's not including those that I really couldn't mention in polite society, or any society!

This glossary is a useful list of erotic words which are used regularly either to describe a particular act, fetish or feeling. This is a simple list to refer to when trying to decide what you see in an erotic image or what you want to do on a rainy afternoon. I chose to use these particular words and phases in my erotic glossary because ultimately they interest me, they make my smile and I hope you will too.

Of course, if there are any words you feel need to be included, please feel free to email me.

Adulterer Commits adultery (adulteress)
Adultery A voluntary sexual encounter between two people where at least one is already married to someone else
Allure To entice or tempt by means of attractiveness and appeal
Alternative Lifestyle Sexual preference deemed different from the accepted social norm
Amoral Having no moral quality
Amorous Displaying love and desire
Aphrodisiac A food, drug or substance which is thought to arouse sexual desire
Ardent Intense desire and emotion
Ardour Feelings of great intensity and warmth
Arouse To evoke emotion, stimulate desire
Bettie Page Model of erotica and fetish from the 1950s
Bisexual Person who likes equally men and women as sexual partners
Blindfold Eye mask used in BDSM
Bondage Use of restraints, ropes to enhance sexual desire
Burlesque Artistic striptease originating from the music halls and cabaret
Carnal Lustful, crude, raunchy, physical acts or thoughts
Charm The quality of attracting people by being pleasing
Chaste Sex Sexual intercourse between a husband and wife
Cheat Sexually unfaithful to the wife/husband/partner
Chinese Pillow Books Chinese erotic illustrations designed as instructions for the general public
Cinq à Sept French term indicating time of day usual for an afternoon tryst
Cuckold Man whose wife has been unfaithful
Deprave To make morally bad
Desire A state of sexual arousal, a need or a want of someone or something
Dita Von Teese The most well known contemporary burlesque dancer
Dominant Dom, male name for the dominant sexual partner
Dominatrix Domme, Domina, female name for the dominant sexual partner
Ecstasy Intense emotion from a state of incredible joy
Emotive To arouse emotion
English Culture Sexual arousal gained from the practice of spanking
Enticing To tempt by exciting desire
Erogenous Area or person sensitive to sexual stimulation
Erotic Sexually stimulating, arousing, suggestive, titillating, sensual, tantalizing
Erotica Sexually explicit literature and art
Eroticism Something with an erotic quality or nature, use of sexually arousing symbolism in art or literature
Excitement Sexual response
Exhibitionism Pleasure derived from displaying oneself sexually especially in public
Fantasy (Sexual) imagining sexual situations involving real/imaginary places/people
Femme Fatale Alluring and seductive female who uses her charms to ensnare her lovers, which often leads to compromising or dangerous situations
Fetishist Person who regards an object or part of the body as sexual
Fetish A fixation on an activity, object or part of the body
Fetish Clothing Revealing or sexually charged clothing often made from latex, rubber or leather
Fondle Touch tenderly
Gratify To satisfy and please
Gypsy Rose Lee Famous caberet and burlesque dancer at Minsky's from the 1930s and 40s
Hedonist Person who dedicates a certain amount of time to the pursuit of physical pleasure
Herotica Erotica written by women
Homosexual Man who prefers other men as sexual partners
I Modi Notorious Italian book written and illustrated C1524 detailing various sexual positions
Immodest Indecent sexual practice
Immoral Overstepping accepted moral rules
Impure Tainted
Impassioned Filled with passion, inflamed
Indecent Offensive to moral standards
Indulgent A pleasure or habit gratified
Infatuation A passion for another person
Inflame To arouse
Kama Sutra 1st sex manual, literary Indian classic written by Vatsyana in approx 4-5th century AD
Kinky Sexual activity outside the accepted norm
Lascivious Motivated by sex
Lecher Lewd, promiscuous man
Lesbian Women who prefer other women as their sexual partner
Lewd Excite crude sexual pleasure, an obscenity
Libidinous Sexually aroused
Libido Sexual urge
Licentious Sexually unrestrained
Lust Intense feelings of sexual desire
Marquis de Sade Wrote books on different sexual practices. Sadism is named after him
Minsky's Famous burlesque dance shows in the US 1912-1937
Menage à Trois 3 people engaged in sexual activity
Monogamous Committed to a single partner
Morals The distinction between good and bad, and right and wrong
Passion Intense sexual love
Pin-up Picture of a sexually attractive lady, either totally or partially undressed
Physical Attraction The impact of appearance on others
Pleasure A desire, delight bringing happiness and ecstasy
Pornography Books, films, writing, photos which produce sexual arousal. Often associated with violence and exploitative behaviour
Raunchy Lecherous and smutty
Ravishing Entrancing
Restraints Handcuffs, collars, ropes and shackles used in BDSM
Sadomasochism Sexual pleasure gained from inflicting and receiving pain
Salacious Arousing sexual desire
Sapphist Lesbian
Seduce Entice to take part in sexual intercourse
Sensual Arousal of sexual appetite
Sexual Characterized by sex
Shunga Japanese erotic prints intended as sexual instruction
Shameless Having no decency or modesty
Sinful To do something against the accepted moral law
Spanking Smacking, hitting partner to gain sexual excitement
Stimulate Arousal
Stirring Exciting the emotions
Sublime High moral value, inspiring awe
Suggestive Hint at something improper or indecent
Tainted Tarnished reputation
Tantalize Tease
Tease Offer something, then delay or withdraw the offer
Tempt To entice to do something morally wrong
Titillate To arouse or excite pleasurably
Vanilla Sex Ordinary, traditional sex
Voluptuous Sexually alluring
Voyeur Sexual gratification from watching others performing sexual acts
Wanton Promiscuous
Wayward Unpredictable, unmanageable and stubborn
AC/DC Bisexual
B & D Bondage and Discipline – the play of physical restraint
BDSM Bondage and Discipline and Sadomasochism
BBW Big Beautiful Women
BFP Bound For Pleasure
D & S Dominance and Submission
DFK Deep French Kiss
Fuck For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, Old English Abbreviation
H & D Humiliation and Discipline
M & S Master and Slave
MILF Mother I'd Like to Fuck
PSE Porn Star Experience
S & M Sadomasochism – interest in giving and receiving pain
TOG The Other Guy