About the Artist Kursty Jones

Erotic Artist Kursty JonesI have always loved painting and creating, but it is only in the last few years that I have brought all my loves together and become an erotic artist. Art has always featured in my life, from completing a degree in History of Design and Visual Arts all those years ago to creating a unique home for my family. It has given me a love of vintage design, from the subtle symbolism of shape to the outrageous use of colour, particularly in textile and wallpaper design. I have a large collection of vintage materials which I continually find inspiration from. Add to this a love of the female figure in all its forms, an interest in naughty art, from 1940s pin-up girls to what some may deem soft porn, and Mrs Jones was born.

Mrs Jones could be described as my alter ego. I use her to do and say things I wouldn't dream of saying out loud. She is part of me and I her, so my work has become autobiographical whether I like it or not. Mrs Jones is used as a release for secret thoughts and fantasy. The lines become blurred and I even become confused about where Kursty Jones the erotic artist ends and Mrs Jones begins. Together we have done things which we are proud of and those of which we are not so proud, but it makes up who I am today so I would never wish them away.

I carry a small book around with me everywhere in which I am always scribbling statements about the situations I find myself in. I do not think of myself as being that different from other women, and hope that others will see something of themselves in Mrs Jones.

The erotic artist Kursty Jones and the naughty art of Mrs Jones are exhibiting at Erotica, Olympia, London on 20-22nd November 2009.